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17: The Divine Spark: Negativa – Adam and The Sophianic Eve

Adam, Sophianic Eve and The Archons The curtain now opens with the next act of this ancient Mystery Play; The Creation of Humans and the Planting of the Divine Spark Within. The Biblical version of the story of Adam and... Continue Reading →

16: The Deep Christ Part III Creativa – Simon Magus

Simon Magus is a lead character in the Sophianic Mystery Play who has, for the past 2000 years, been shrouded in theatrical fog. Clearly, as we will see, it was history as written by the victors that relegated him to... Continue Reading →

The Great Revelation by Simon Magus

The Great Revelation Apophasis Megale Attributed to Simon Magus according to Hippolytus (c. 170–235 AD) in The Refutation of All Heresies as extracted and translated from Refutations Book VI by Robert Price in The Pre-Nicene New Testament: Fifty-four Formative Texts.... Continue Reading →

15: Deep Christ – Part II, The Descent

This past 2000 years in the processional turning of the ages has been marked by the astrological symbol of Pisces. As this cycle slowly shifts into the Aquarian age, we might be able to look back with some perspective into... Continue Reading →

14: The Creation Story of Sophia, Part III. Creativa

Any challenge we face confronts us with a choice. Do we decide to not take the challenge or do we move forward? This is a dilemma that is a crux of human and spiritual growth. Though some obstacles might be... Continue Reading →

13: Reflections on Sophia and the Archons

“I have much more sympathy with Sophia than with the demiurge but faced with the reality of both my sympathy counts for nothing.”  ~Carl Jung (1) The Mythos of Sophia John Lamb Lash (2) claims to have read thousands of... Continue Reading →

12: The Creation Story of Sophia Part II. Negativa

This is the second Act of the Sophia Mystery Play, Via Negativa, an Act that truly lives up to this title. Here, Sophia embarks on a harrowing journey, where she flies up towards the incredible Source Light but then, unable... Continue Reading →

11: The Deep Christ – Part I, Positiva

Emergence: Via Positiva We will now step into an investigation of the Deep Christ, a mystery thriller with twists and turns, with astounding, sometimes stomach churning discoveries. In this series on the Deep Christ, we will step back from the... Continue Reading →

10: Intro to The Deep Christ

What a cosmic creation story this is! It is quite specific and often hard to take in with just a casual reading and it sets the stage for the next act of the story which gets even more strange. But... Continue Reading →

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