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Reclaiming The Divine Spark Within

Chapter 17 The Divine Spark Within Part III: Via Creativa Retaining the Child-like Spark Within My Personal Story No information or Sophianic songs found in these pages matters unless a seeker enters into it through the portal of their own... Continue Reading →

17: The Divine Spark: Negativa – Adam and The Sophianic Eve

Chapter 18 The Divine Spark Within Part II: Via Negativa Adam and the Sophianic Eve The Creation of Humans and the Planting of the Divine Spark Within The Biblical version of the story of Adam and Eve is maybe one... Continue Reading →

16: The Deep Christ Part III Creativa – Simon Magus

Chapter 15 The Deep Christ Part III: Via Creativa Simon Magus In Part II of this Deep Christ mystery investigation, via Negativa, we dove into the thick jungle of how Jesus is portrayed so differently in the New Testament vs... Continue Reading →

The Great Revelation by Simon Magus

The Great Revelation Apophasis Megale Attributed to Simon Magus according to Hippolytus (c. 170–235 AD) in The Refutation of All Heresies This translation appeared in an online (currently unavailable) article by Miguel Conner, June 2010 in, taken from Hippolytus'... Continue Reading →

15: Deep Christ – Part II, The Descent

Chapter 14 The Deep ChristPart II: Via Negativa The Descent “That is not to say that the Jesus of history did not exist, only that the evidence is skewed and that the problem is more complex than many think.”   Robert... Continue Reading →

14: The Creation Story of Sophia, Part III. Creativa

Chapter 13 The Creation Story of SophiaPart III: Via Creativa Sophia Calls Out to Her Consort the Christ Whereupon She is Rescued Any challenge we face confronts us with a choice. Do we decide to not take the challenge or... Continue Reading →

13: Reflections on Sophia and the Archons

Chapter 12 The Creation Story of SophiaPart II: Via Negativa (continued) Reflections on Sophia and the Archons “I have much more sympathy with Sophia than with the demiurge but faced with the reality of both my sympathy counts for nothing.” ... Continue Reading →

12: The Creation Story of Sophia Part II. Negativa

Chapter 11 The Creation Story of SophiaPart II: Via Negativa The "Fall" of Sophia This is the second stage of the Sophia Mystery Play, Via Negativa, that features plot twists that truly live up to this title. Here, Sophia embarks... Continue Reading →

11: The Deep Christ – Part I, Positiva

Chapter 10 The Deep ChristPart I: Via Positiva Emergence We will now step into an investigation of the Deep Christ, a mystery thriller with twists and turns and astounding, sometimes stomach churning discoveries. In this series on the Deep Christ,... Continue Reading →

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