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12: The Creation Story of Sophia Part II. Negativa

This is the second Act of the Sophia Mystery Play, Via Negativa, an Act that truly lives up to this title. Here, Sophia embarks on a harrowing journey, where she flies up towards the incredible Source Light but then, unable... Continue Reading →

11: The Deep Christ – Part I

We will now step into an investigation of the Deep Christ, a mystery thriller with twists and turns, with astounding, sometimes stomach churning discoveries. In this series on the Deep Christ, we will step back from the familiar Jesus of... Continue Reading →

10: Intro to The Deep Christ

What a cosmic creation story this is! It is quite specific and often hard to take in with just a casual reading and it sets the stage for the next act of the story which gets even weirder. But with... Continue Reading →

9: The Creation Story of Sophia. Part I – Positiva

The following is a presentation of the first part of our Mystery Play on the Creation Story of Sophia. It is the early Gnostic texts, which I have introduced in this previous post, plus the Jewish mystical tradition known as... Continue Reading →

8: Intro to the Creation Story of Sophia

Wisdom sendeth forth her children. - Gnostic fragment. (1) These five words, salvaged from scrapheaps of nearly 2000 year old writings, offer a doorway into our first mystery of our threefold exploration. Lurking from behind this fragment are lost histories,... Continue Reading →

7: An Intro to Gnosticism

I would like to offer some insights into this poorly understood religious/spiritual movement called Gnosticism. The earliest phases of this tradition, I believe, help to point us in the direction of this Wisdom New Dispensation. Please note, I am not... Continue Reading →

6: Historical Context of The New Dispensation

To identify a new dispensation that emerged out of first century CE may sound like it is stating the obvious, as Jesus clearly made a novel imprint in the world, spurring a whole new religion. However, this story handed down... Continue Reading →

5: Intro to The 1st Century New Dispensation

In order to step into these mysteries of Sophia, the deep Christ and the divine spark within, I would like to first set an historical as well as theological context for where this is all coming from. This information can... Continue Reading →

3: The Four Stages of the Soul’s Journey

An analysis of The Hymn of the Pearl using the Four Stages of the Soul's Journey: Via Positiva, Negativa, Creativa and Transformativa The Hymn of the Pearl offers a way of understanding what could be called the soul’s journey with... Continue Reading →

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