The Mysteries of Sophia

Wednesday, September 1, 10:30 – 12 Pacific Time. 


Sophian scholar Dan Craig Morse and Marian Priestess Elizabeth Kelley will be offering a 90 minute online presentation and process that works with the sacred wisdom of the Gnostic Sophia as found in the French tradition.
Though considered heretical for much of Christian history, the mystical tradition of Gnosis can offer so much in our desire to find meaning and spiritual growth during these times of increasing uncertainty. Like mushrooms that crop up from the hidden mycelia, the Mysteries of Sophia have surfaced from vast underground roots in a number of different forms over the centuries.
One of these times was in the first century AD when Mary Magdalene brought the higher teachings of Gnosis to southern France. What is more, this same Magdalene mycelium thread cropped up in Northern California where, in 1990, Elizabeth Kelley became absorbed in the Egyptian Mysteries and was ordained a Priestess of Isis. Several months later she met the Gnostic Priestess and Kabbalist teacher Rosamonde Miller, a lineage holder of the Magdalene tradition of southern France.

Elizabeth will be sharing her story and the significance of these
Egyptian and Magdalene teachings for our current times.

Another expression of these sacred teachings came in the 12th century, also in France, where, as Dan Craig Morse has found, hints of this Sophianic undercurrent appeared in images carved into the earliest of the French gothic cathedrals around Paris.

Dan will be sharing slides of images from Notre Dame and Chartres that help clue us into
the Creation Cosmology of Sophia and its relevance for us in these transitional times.

Elizabeth Kelley and Dan Craig Morse will offer some insights from these French versions of the largely forgotten Sophian mysteries.
In this 90 minute zoom workshop, we will be going to France, but mostly we will be visiting the broad archetypal themes of “descent and ascent” that can help guide us through our own personal spiritual process.
This is a follow-up to the August 14 Rose Sangha class In Celebration to the Feminine Wisdom.


Mysteries of Sophia Class