In order to step into these mysteries of Sophia, the deep Christ and the divine spark within, I would like to first set an historical as well as theological context for where this material is all coming from. This information can be a little dense and may not appeal to some Christ Sophia Spark enthusiasts, which is understandable and, I would say, is not essential reading in getting to the real value of this material. However, I find that by looking into this extensive esoteric wisdom tradition, I have found that it offers one of the most significant overviews and foundations for understanding what is being asked of us in today’s strange and uncertain times, where people are getting lost in the jungle of so many theories. In a nutshell, here is the main overview.

  1. A Wisdom New Dispensation. In the first century CE, in the land we know of as Israel, there were complex and highly tumultuous political and religious forces that resulted in the devastation of Jerusalem and a diaspora of Jews from this homeland in the aftermath of the Jewish Wars of 66-70 CE. Amidst this tumult, there appears to have emerged a novel and highly advanced version of a creation cosmology and wisdom teachings. This high wisdom download cannot easily be explained as having gradually developed over time from Egyptian, Greek, Platonic and other sources as some scholars believe. Rather, it appeared as a whole teaching that was novel, and hence, can be considered to be a new dispensation.
  2. Assimilation into Gnosticism and then Christianity. These teachings, as difficult as they have been to pin down historically, became assimilated into a mystical or esoteric religious tradition generally known as Gnosticism, and eventually into its more distant echo, the Roman sponsored “Nicene” system known generally as Christianity. As is typical of a classic new dispensation, there is a more original high teaching that, over time, gets more generalized and less advanced.
  3. Sophia as a Central Motif of this New Dispensation. The Greek word Sophia, meaning Wisdom, is a religious and spiritual motif that, though appearing to a limited degree in the Old Testament, “she” suddenly exploded with prominence in the first few centuries CE. It is this name, this clue to the mystery, that has been key in the development of the material in this unfolding web manuscript. This key word Sophia and all that is associated with it, became a prominent theme in the early phases of Gnosticism but was almost completely lost to Christianity.
  4. Christ as Central Figure in this New Dispensation. This first century dispensation appears to be have been authored by this figure known as Jesus Christ and some key players in his inner circle, including St. Thomas.
  5. The Divine Spark Within. As I play with this investigation, there is a key theme that emerges which has to do with hints of a powerful but latent human potential, referred to as the Divine Spark Within, that has been shrouded from us through the ages, which I believe can better be understood in the context of what has been referred to as the “mysteries of Sophia” (1)

What is a New Dispensation? This term is I am using to identify the introduction of a novel, highly advanced body of teaching that has an initial impact but which gradually becomes more systematized and less novel over time. The best example I have to compare this 1st century Wisdom New Dispensation is with the Mayan culture. According to John Major Jenkins, seemingly from out of nowhere, in a backwoods obscure ancient Mayan ruin called Izapa, in very southwest corner of Mexico by Guatemala, there came a sudden explosion of high wisdom.  Around 100 BCE, a new and incredibly elaborate creation story emerged, called the Popul Vu. At the same time, there suddenly appeared a highly advanced system for tracking vast sweeps of time, known as the Long Count Calendar. This calendar was a feature in the Mayan priest circles until it was nearly lost in the 1600’s, at least until it was discovered by Mayan scholars in the 20th century. These two systems, the calendar and the creation story, are highly interconnected and there is no evidence of anything that led up to their gradual development prior to this time. It is the sudden emergence of these most sophisticated and complex cosmological schemas of the Mayan religious system, suggests that this was a sort of New Dispensation, a distinct appearance that sprung seemingly out of nowhere that, overtime, became less advanced, more generalized, and less understood.

I believe that the Creation Story of Sophia as well as the advanced but largely lost high teachings of Jesus and his inner circle were key elements in what could be seen as a 1st century New Dispensation, as we shall explore in forth coming posts.

In the next posts before stepping into the Creation Story of Sophia, I will lay out some basics of 1) an historical context of first century CE and 2) a brief introduction to Gnosticism.