The Divine Spark Within

Deep inside, there is a spark of immense power, a brilliant radiance of a light that they say is invisible to the naked eye and yet it is as real as sunlight. This spark of the divine is a great mystery that lurks somewhere deep in our cells, our DNA, our spiritual nature.

Knowledge of this spark, I believe, has generally not been included in many of the more traditional religious scriptures, but it is referred to by different names in a number of the esoteric depth traditions, from the far east to the far west.

References to This Core Brilliance of Self In Esoteric Wisdom Traditions

In the medieval Jewish Kabbalah, Shekinah is like a code word that refers to this “indwelling light”. “The Shekhinah is below as it is above.  And what is this Shekhinah?  Let us say that it is the light that has emanated from the Primal Light which is Hokhmah.  And this [i.e. the emanated light] likewise surrounds everything, as is written, ‘the whole earth is filled with His glory’. [Isa. 6.3] (from the Kabbalist text Bahir, quoted in Scholem, 1991) (1)

In a Chinese alchemical text known it is called The Golden Flower. (2) Kaia Ra calls it the Sophia Code. (3)

In the Christian cousin of this Jewish depth tradition, known generally as gnosticism, there is found this concept of the “luminous epinoia”, the shining “thought” or radiance of the “mind.”

“The Gnostics called this ‘uncreated self’ the divine seed, the pearl, the spark of knowing: consciousness, intelligence, light.” (4) In the gnostic text called The Origin of the World, it is called the “droplet of light.” (5) In early Christian (and “Christianized” gnostic) literature, this concept became equated with the concept of the “Word”.

From the creation story of Sophia, as brought to us by the Deep Christ, this inner light is indeed, the substance of the original energy of the emanation from source. “Man, here below, born from blood, is the dwelling, and the Boundless Power dwells in him, and it is the Universal Root.” (6)

As we learned from the Hymn of the Pearl, this story from St. Thomas refers to how it is the search for this precious pearl that is the primary task of a Prince who comes down to this world from the heavenly kingdom, a metaphor, perhaps, for where to focus direction and purpose in our lives.

How Can We Be In More Relationship With This In Us?

How do we come into synchrony with this inner potential? How might we dial the focus of our consciousness to this subtle, invisible yet unfathomable energy? This appears to be the main task of the Sophianic process, as we will explore in these pages.

According to the story, Sophia planted this light inside of us, we humans. This seed is of such a high energy that the overseers of this world fear this more than anything else, as they do not have this gift. Much to their advantage, we continue to be docile and disempowered from their control system, in so far as this divine seed in ourselves remains inactive.

Indeed, it is a key challenge to identify in ourselves that which shrouds us from this inner spark. It could be that the vast majority of our emotional and mental process of self preservation are shielding us from this deeper core of ourselves. In my work as a psychotherapist and in my own healing work, I help clients to come to focus on where their emotional/somatic/mental/psychological tension lies, and where energetic constriction might be rooted in coping strategies developed earlier in life in response to a harsh outer world. As we are aware of this emotional fear and defensive mental constructs that were formed earlier in life, we can then unhook ourselves from them, especially as we become aware of a whole other emotional neuro-network of consciousness that lies outside of this system of tension and defensiveness, related to this core spark within. (7) As we increasingly bring our awareness to the immensely solid and powerful core of our being, this Pearl Self, with time, it gains more traction in our awareness and the whole system of emotional and mental tension can slip gradually away.

This is a birthright of ours which I suspect is the primary foundation of the whole epic drama of Christ Sophia. May we find this spark and may our hearts light up like the sun.


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