A Trail of Three Mysteries

The Creation Story of Sophia:
An Ancient, Modern Day Mystery Play

The Deep Christ:
Uncovering the Epicenter of the First Century New Dispensation;
A Mystery Thriller

In Search for The Divine Spark Within:
Closing in on the Great Mystery of our Hidden Human Potential

Sleuthing Humanity’s Transition into a New Era.

There is an edge that kids push between exciting play and fearful danger. (1) If, as children, we are given the space to play with this edge, and to not be too overly protected by parents or educational settings, then, when in adult life as we are faced with fearful or overwhelming challenges, we can tap into that spirit of play, where options and creative responses can more easily be found.

It is this spirit of imagination and play that I would like to call upon as we step into this theater of many mysteries.

In this exploration into the worlds of Sophia, Christ and the inner Pearl, we will play on the edge of the scary unknown, the mist, the fog that shrouds what has been largely invisible for a long time. This is a big-picture game with high stakes outcomes, where we take a metaphysical look into humanity’s origins and our relationship to the divine. The questions raised here in this triple mystery are serious, with profound implications, such as this really important immediate question; how is humanity going to make it through this existential pickle we’ve got ourselves into with the prospects of our actions triggering an ecological collapse? But let’s not get too serious here because then it’s no fun. So come. Let’s play.

The Creation Story of Sophia: A Mystery Play

As part of the material presented here in the Sophia Project, I will be laying out what is essentially a Mystery Play that features the Creation Story of Sophia. This story of cosmic origins appeared in the first century AD and was found, with many variations, as a central component of some of the earliest Gnostic texts. Mystery plays were an old medieval European tradition that goes back over 1000 years ago. Instead of just sitting there in church hearing the minister tell the Bible stories, often in Latin which nobody could understand, people started to add simple stage productions to the church service, or just have actors pose in picture form, called a tableaux. The modern day Christmas pageants, played out in churches around the world, are a relic from this tradition. At times, whole villages would show up at the town square where many had roles in a theatrical presentation of the story of Adam and Eve or the Last Supper.

The word “mystery” was used to refer to both the miracles associated with Biblical events as well as with how the various craft guilds (masons, glass blowers, textile workers, etc.) would take on certain stories year after year and make it their own. It was the secrets or mysteries of their trade that would bring a special flavor to that bible story.

The story of Sophia is a grand story of cosmic beginnings but it also is a story about we humans, of who we are, where we came from and how we might make it to the next level of our evolution. Buried deep inside this creation story are gems of wisdom that can help us navigate our way through.

The story of Sophia will be presented in four parts which correspond to the four paths of Creation Spirituality. This complex and profound overview of a grand sweep of creation, I believe, can help orient us back to our origins that then points the direction towards continuing on this most sacred path of human spiritual evolution. 

“I hid myself in everyone and revealed myself within them, and every mind seeking me longed for me, for it is I who gave shape to the All when it had no form. And I transformed their forms into (other) forms, until the time when a form will be given to the All. (1)  Stay tuned for the first act of this show, coming shortly. 

The Deep Christ: A Mystery Thriller

First of all, it brings me great pain to have to put out yet one more theory about Jesus Christ. If I could avoid it I would. Unfortunately, this story of Sophia is so intimately connected to the story of this Christ figure, it is unavoidable. But its ok because with it comes fresh new material on this man whose story has gotten pretty worn out over the millennia. Indeed, Christ and Sophia are cosmic lovers whose drama is one of the great lost stories, and it is both an honor and a pleasure to share my findings on this subject.

We will be tracking clues that bring us back to what I have come to know as the New Dispensation of Wisdom. In the First Century CE there was a sudden appearance of highly advanced teachings that included a complex cosmology known generally as the Creation Story of Sophia. Also there came a highly novel download of advanced teachings on human transformation and liberation. Like ripples out from the splash point, this teaching percolated into Gnosticism and Christianity, the Jewish Kabbalah, and Islamic mysticism. From this epicenter of the Wisdom download located primarily in the Middle East, it spread into Iraq, Southern Indian, and even as far as China in what is called the Religion of Light. (2)

The Deep Christ is featured as a primary character in this strange and fleeting tradition called Gnosticism, in the first few centuries CE. Based on how he shows up in the gnostic texts, he could be called the Gnostic Christ but at the time of his appearance in first century CE, Gnosticism as well as Christianity were still in utero.  According to the texts, the Great Spirit of this man came from a place that is called by Jesus, The First Mystery (2), and in one Valentinian tradition, the word for this is Depth, or The Deep. (3) So calling him the Deep Christ helps to place him in the context of this lineage, where we can pull back many layers of history that I believe has clouded the more original circumstance of his life and teaching. Who this man was originally and how he came to be presented in the New Testament is quite a story and difficult to tell because it goes against 2000 years of how it has typically been told. So this is going to be challenging, but it will be interesting, fun even, if we stay open and maybe not take it too seriously.

The Divine Spark Within: a Great Mystery

One of the most obscure enigmas of the esoteric traditions is something that is referred to in the lineage of Sophia and the Deep Christ as the Divine Spark that is hidden within us. It is something that is so precious, so rare and so powerful that it has remained latent and unlit for much of human history.

Though Jesus referred to it cryptically as the mustard seed, for example (4). Luminous Epinoia is one phrase that was used in some long forgotten texts that refer to this. (A) So great is this phenomenon that Divine Wisdom herself told Thomas Aquinas in his vision, “For all gold in her sight shall be esteemed as a little sand, and silver shall be counted as clay: and this not without cause, for to gain her is better than the merchandise of silver and the most pure gold.” (B)

This spark is an incredibly cryptic unknown mystery and is one which I occasionally catch a hint of. Keeping this elusive fire out of the strong spotlight of literal interpretation is important. It is best to court it very gently, where it slowly opens up to us, rather than it shutting down in the face of an unsafe consciousness, and going back underground.

And this is part of the fun of it. If I am decoding this human enigma correctly, we as a species are being highly highly encouraged to bring our attention to this very real phenomenon. Of all the mysteries presented here, this is the most important one and is the one which constitutes the primary task at hand, at this late stage of early human development.

All three of these mysteries I have found are necessary in order to land the broad thesis of this project. Downplaying or neglecting one of them would be as ineffective as trying to sit on a two legged stool. So this will be part of the play, to move between these three mysteries, weaving them together, as the story gradually unfolds.

I urge anyone who steps into these pages to not get too caught up any of the epic figures in this drama. In this mystery theater, you are the most important character. It is your life that is central in all of this, and is one which I urge the reader to not abandon as we step into this complex tale. Nothing in this web series need override your own inner sense and beliefs. Indeed, how the great mystery might be working in your life is connected deeply to your life, your history and only you know what particular nutrients of insight or wisdom might help you on your path.


A) Pagels, E. Beyond Belief, The Secret Gospel of Thomas. Vintage Books, NY. 2003. p. 164.

B) von Franz, M-L. (edited with commentary). Aurora Consurgens, A document attributed to Thomas Aquinas on the problem of opposites in alchemy. Inner City Books, Toronto. 2000. p. 35.